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Board of Directors Senior Management
  Mr. Cai Chenyang Mr. Cai Qing
  Mr. Cai Haifang Mr. Chen Jinliang
  Ms. Cai Shengyin Mr. Yang Zhihai
  Mr. Cai Zirong Mr. Ku Kin Shing, Ignatius
  Mr. Wu Shiming  
  MR. Wang Aiguo  


Board of Directors
Mr. Cai Chenyang, Chairman, Executive Director and CEO

Mr. Cai Chenyang is a Controlling Shareholder of the Company. Mr. Cai established Fujian Tianyi in April 2005. Since Fujian Tianyi's establishment, Mr. Cai has been responsible for formulating the overall business strategy, identifying business opportunities, and overseeing the capital financing of the Group. Mr. Cai has received many honorable titles, including inter alia, Executive Member of the Council of World Fujian Youth Association, China's Outstanding Private Enterprise Business Leader awarded in the 2009 China's Private Enterprise Business Leaders Annual Meeting, the Nominated Award of the 7th Fujian Province Ten Outstanding Youth, Outstanding Young Business Leader of the 9th Fujian Province Outstanding Young Business Leaders Associate and the Executive Member of the 2nd Fujian Association for Promotion and Integrity. Mr. Cai is also the executive commissioner of the Political Consultation Committee of Putian City, Fujian Province.

Mr. Cai Haifang, Executive Director

Mr. Cai Haifang joined Fujian Tianyi as the deputy chief of the sourcing office in 2005 assisting the establishment of Fujian Tianyi. From 2006 to 2008, he was the manager of the sourcing centre, where he was primarily responsible for the procurement of major assets (including production facilities and breeder hogs) for Fujian Tianyi. He was appointed as the manager of the chief executive office and the head of the sourcing department in 2008, and was responsible for the management of the sourcing department and the administration of the external affairs of Fujian Tianyi. From 2010 to January 2011, he was the assistant to the chief executive office. In January 2011, Mr. Cai Haifang was promoted to the deputy chief executive officer overseeing administrative office and the sourcing of Fujian Tianyi.

Ms. Cai Shengyin, Executive Director

Ms. Cai Shengyin joined Fujian Tianyi as a finance manager in January 2009. She was promoted to the post of Chief Financial Officer in March 2010, primarily responsible for establishing the Group's financial management system, reviewing financial reports and business performance reports, budgetary management and advising the Group on financing strategies and development plans.She qualified as an International Certified Management Accountant in 2010. She is also a qualified advanced accountant and she obtained such qualification from the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Security of the PRC. Ms. Cai graduated from Curtin University of Technology in Australia with a Master degree in Professional Accounting in 2006.

Mr. Cai Zirong, Independent non-executive Director

Mr. Cai Zirong has over 33 years of experience in financial management. He has been working in the People's Bank of China as senior management for almost 23 years. He was elected as a representative of the 4th People's Congress of Putian City from year 2001 to 2005. Since September 2006, he has been of the rank of Section Chief of the publicity department of Putian City centre branch of the People's Bank of China. Mr. Cai Zirong graduated from People's Liberation Army Nanchang Army School (now known as People's Liberation Army Nanchang Army College, with a certificate in finance in 1985.

Mr. Wu Shiming, Independent non-executive Director

Mr. Wu Shiming is a qualified intermediate accountant and he was awarded such qualification by the Ministry of Finance after having passed the national examination jointly organised by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Personnel of the PRC. Mr. Wu has over 15 years of experiences in accounting and financial management. He is currently an executive director of Sumpo Food Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 1089), a company listed on The Stock Exchangeof Hong Kong Limited. Mr. Wu obtained a diploma in foreign economic enterprise financial accounting at Jimei University in the PRC in 1995 and a degree of finance at Xidian University in the PRC in March 2011, which is an online learning course.

MR. Wang Aiguo, Independent non-executive Director

MR. Wang Aiguo obtained his bachelor’s degree in Animal Husbandry in Shanxi Agricultural University in 1982. He was a lecturer of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry thereat and devoted himself in the teaching and scientific research in animal heredity and breeding. He obtained his doctorate degree in Technical University of Munich in Germany in 1990. During 1991 to 1992, he engaged in the doctorate research in the Beijing Agricultural University.

Senior Management
Mr. Cai Qing, Chief of the Sales Department of Fujian Tianyi
Mr. Cai Qing joined Fujian Tianyi in 2005 and assisted the establishment of Fujian Tianyi and the construction of the Group's hog farm. He became a senior staff of the sales department of Fujian Tianyi in 2006 and was responsible for market research and development for Fujian Tianyi's products. During the period between 2007 and 2009, Mr. Cai Qing was the manager of the marketing department of Fujian Hanjiang Bee Products Developing Centre. In 2010, he re-joined Fujian Tianyi and had been the manager of the sales department, responsible for market development in Fuzhou and Quanzhou, until he was promoted to the chief of sales department in May 2011. Mr. Cai Qing graduated from Fujian Normal University with a diploma in urban landscape gardening in 2005.

Mr. Chen Jinliang, Deputy General Manager of Fujian Tianyi
Mr. Chen Jinliang joined the Group in April 2005 as the manager of the chief executive office. He was promoted to the post of deputy general manager in 2005 and has been responsible for human resources management and infrastructure investment of Fujian Tianyi. Mr. Chen obtained a diploma in advertising from Xiamen University in 2000. From February 1990 to April 2005, he worked for Putian City Television Broadcasting Center, and was once promoted as manager of the news department.

Mr. Yang Zhihai, Deputy Chief of the Production Department
Mr. Yang Zhihai joined Fujian Tianyi as the deputy chief of the production department in 2005 and was promoted as the chief of the production department in 2011. Mr. Yang obtained a diploma in food nutrition and quarantine from Fujian Agricultural University in July 2000 (now known as Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University). After graduation, he worked in Fujian Agriculture University Food Experimental Factory as a technician, production manager and deputy chief of the factory till 2003. In 2003, Mr. Yang joined Yonghui Industrial Development Company where he was responsible for its production management and quality control. Mr. Yang had participated in the design, construction and establishment of the Group's hog farm and slaughterhouse. Mr. Yang is responsible for, amongst others, the advancement of the Group's production technology, product quality control and logistic flow.

Mr. Ku Kin Shing, Ignatius Company Secretary and Financial Controller
Mr. Ku Kin Shing joined the Group in 2011 as the financial controller. He is responsible for the financial reporting matters of the Group in Hong Kong, including the preparation of financial reports and ensuring the Group's compliance with the Listing Rules and other statutory requirements. In addition, he is responsible for implementing internal control and corporate governance and practices, as well as liaising with external parties and regulatory bodies in respect of the Group's financial matters. Mr. Ku has over 19 years of experience in finance and accounting and had worked in an international accounting firm prior to joining the Group. He previously held the position of financial controller in a listed company in Singapore. Mr. Ku holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) degree from the University of Canberra, Australia. He is a member of the Australian Society of Certified Practicing Accountants and a member of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

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